Aboriginal Participation


Wiradjuri owned staffed and managed

The people of the Wiradjuri country are known as “people of three rivers” being the Macquarie River
(Wambool), Lachlan River (Galari) and the Murrumbidgee River (Marrambidya) which border their
lands. Wiradjuri country is the largest in NSW, stretching from the eastern boundary of the Great
Dividing Range. Drawing a line from the present towns of Hay and Nyngan approximates the western
boundary. While Gunnedah and Albury mark the northern and southern boundaries of Wiradjuri
The Gugga (Goanna) is an important part of our culture as such we at JPR have chosen it to
represent the heritage of our owner Murray Hipwell.
Our Wiradjuri buyaa (Lore) underpins our peoples waluwin (health) that keeps all in order which in
turn impacts yambuwan (everything), our families (staff) and our Wiradjuri communities’ – waluwin.
Our ancestors learnt to share our food, our ecosystem and their skills in an honoured network of
Wiradjuri Lore and relationships. Lore and relationships are the foundation of everything.
Thus, our culture is a continuous cycle of reciprocity. It’s this old way of learning.
“JPR’s greatest strength is our balanced interconnected relationships and reciprocity”.

Murray Hipwell.

Our foundations to our business culture are:

Participating, Connecting and making an Impact


  • Mentor start up Aboriginal businesses in our supply chain
  • Placing our most disadvantaged Aboriginal jobs seekers into real meaningful jobs
  • Providing a career path to all of our employees
  • Embed our passion into everyone we work with


  • Understanding the barriers that potential employees may have and creating opportunities for them.
  • Connecting with our mob, first nations businesses given first priority in our supply chain.
  • Embedding the same passion into our team members as our owners and management team display in all business interactions.

Making an Impact

  • Changing the lives of our mob to ensure they are self-sufficient and motivated to succeed.
  • Being there to make a difference and to provide the opportunity for future generations.

Supply Nation Certification